Travel Industry

Travisa Passport and Visa Service provides tour operators and travel professionals with an effective and streamlined process to alleviate the confusion associated with travel visa and passport processing for their clients. Travisa provides tour operators with the ability to process large travel visa and passport requests for all travelers embarking on a given travel tour. Travisa can help major tour operators ensure that their guests are ready for travel by informing travelers of the necessary entry requirements for each country that they visit during their tour. Travisa provides fast, easy, and secure processing of travel visas, passports, and legalizations to ensure that groups of all sizes are ready to travel in time for their tour departure date.

You can immediately increase your profits by offering on-line US passport and visa services.

  1. Travisa offers 10% commission on our service fees. You may send us a check and deduct your 10% commission on our service fees or we will mail you the 10% commission on a quarterly basis.
  2. Travisa offers 30% discount on service fees for 5 passports/visas received at the same time in the same processing location and 50% discount on service fees for 10 or more passports/visas received at the same time in the same processing location, with full prepayment with a business check.
Travisa provides total management of all the passport and visa logistics.

Travisa’s Unique Services For Tour Operators Include:

  • Visa Application Kits.
  • Proprietary Database.
  • Dedicated Customer Care Team.
  • Same Day Submittals.
  • Global Coverage.
  • Embassy Closures and Updates.
  • Commission Opportunity.


  • "My Account" will display current status of all orders matched to your account number.
  • Monitor all your cases through reliable status updates.
  • Receive immediate notification about receipt of your documents, change of status and completion of you documents with shipping tracking number via email.
  • Receive automated Passport and Visa expiration email reminders.
  • Business Letter – Automated generation of Business Letters.
  • Traveler's Profiles – Full functionality with payment options.
  • Visa Widget – add a free Visa Widget to your site.
  • Visa Scan – this option allows you to view the visa as soon as it is issued.


  • Save time by eliminating the need to track each order separately.
  • Provide current status in real time (documents received by Travisa, documents being submitted to the passport office or consulate, documents on hold for additional paperwork, documents picked up from the passport office or consulate, documents back in our office and documents shipped by FedEx).
  • More effectively plan your international trips.
  • Traveler's Profiles will enable you to submit The Global Service Order Form with prepopulated fields. When you fill out The Global Service Order Form, the information will automatically be saved in the Profiles. You will also have the ability to edit the Profiles.

Travisa offers a competitive rate program to major organizations such as corporations, travel agencies, cruise lines and others.

Please contact us for the following services:

  • Account Management
  • Account Codes
  • Global Service Order Forms and Instructions
  • Training and Implementation Assistance
  • Customized Corporate Web Portals
  • Dedicated Team with Senior Consultants
  • Comprehensive Reports (monthly, quarterly)
  • Add Travisa´s Visa Widget to your site

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